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Selecting the Best Sump Pump Battery Backup

A sump pump battery backup system is used to double the pumping power of a sump pump or take over the entire pumping process in case of a power outage. Most homes that have basements will most definitely have a sump pump.

Sometimes in the event of heavy showers, floods, or leaks, it is possible that water will accumulate in the basements. Such floors need a sump pump that is constantly functional in order to drain all the water.

Reasons that the main sump pump may fail

However, with a normal sump pump, we are not assured of its proper functioning. They may fail to function because of power outage or lack of pumping power. This is exactly where the sump pump battery backup system will spring in to action.

A backup system serves to provide additional pumping power to a primary sump pump system in case of flooding or inability to pump out the water efficiently. They are also programmed to automatically switch on incase AC power goes off.

It is therefore worthy to invest in a battery-powered sump pump backup system so as to avoid inconveniences and damage caused by floods. Such damage may be extremely expensive to repair while a flooded basement is rendered unusable for some time. All it takes is a simple one time investment in a battery-powered backup system to avoid such time and resource wasting incidences.

There are two major categories of battery-powered sump pumps.

  1. AC/DC sump pump backup systems.
  2. Helper sump pumps with battery backups.

acdcsumppumpbackupAC/DC Sump Pump Backup Systems

These are types of battery-powered sump pump backup systems that are designed to come in to operation whenever a sump pump’s AC power source is off or has failed. They provide enough power to keep a sump pump running at exactly the same speed and power as an AC current. The transition from an AC to a battery-powered sump pump backup system is so fast that it almost goes unnoticed.

The systems are easy to install since they use a single pump. They also come in reasonable sizes that do not use up all the space on a sump pump system. This is advantageous because services such as repair can be easily done.

Helper Sump Pumps

This is basically a small pump that is fitted beside the main pump in a sump pit. The smaller pump also known as a helper pump is fitted with a float sensor that is mounted on top of a primary sump pump. The small helper sump pumps also come with their own battery-powered backup systems. The helper pump is therefore activated when the amount of water lies above the capacity that the primary sump pump can hold or when the primary pump fails.

However, helper pumps do not necessarily pump the same amount of water like the primary pumps since they are only developed to provide assistance. This means that incase the main pump fails, the helper will not be able to clear water from a fast flooding basement. Their battery-powered back up systems are not also designed to run for a long time.

Sump Pump Battery Backup Brands and Models

The most famous types of battery-powered sum pump back up systems include Basement Watchdog which is well-known for its uncompromised portable but durable design. The pumps are available in different designs and power storage capabilities. Their prices are fair enough provided what they offer in return.

libertybackuppumpLiberty battery-powered sump pump back up system is a brand that has been in the market for quite sometime. Their experience plays a major role in their ability to design systems that retain power for long as well as providing enough power for pumping the water. They are cheap and are also available in many designs and colors to choose from.

Hydropump sump pump battery backup systems are available for those who need a heavy-duty pumping motor that lasts long. They also come with a unique battery charger and are easy to install.

In order to determine the best battery-powered backup of choice, you should consider your personal needs and also the available budget. Other things worth noting are your power grid and the available space for fitting the pump.