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How a Battery Backup Sump Pump Works

A basement may be a luxury for some people, but it has a downside side as well. There are many reasons that can lead to flooding of the basement. A sump is generally installed in a pit in the basement of a building to prevent it from flooding. The water comes into the pit via the perimeter drains or there can be ground water coming from the earth. A float switch is provided to activate the sump pump automatically as the water level reaches the particular mark. The pump switches off itself when the water has been drained out.

Why a Battery Backup Sump Pump is necessary:

Normally, the sump pumps operate on the power supply from the mains. The sump pump can fail due to several reasons such as:

  • Power failure
  • Pump breakdown
  • Float switch getting bad
  • A massive flow of incoming water that the pump may not be able to handle

How it backs up the main pump:

basementwatchdogA battery backup sump pump will take over under all such circumstances. The back up pump is installed to provide battery backup for an existing sump pump so that the operation continues. The backup pump is installed parallel to the main pump. It is normally connected through a T connection and a chuck valve so as to bypass the main sump pump. The battery is connected to a charger. The backup pump will start working as soon as the water level crosses a set level mark.

A marine battery is considered a most suitable backup and it has a capacity of 100 to 150 ampere hours. Some battery backup sump systems employ various types of batteries, which are monitored by that system. It will send an alarm signal when the main pump needs repairs. The battery backup relieves the homeowner of all worries. There are various models of these pumps available.

If someone has to select a backup sump pump system, it is important to know its capacity. A standard or a high power pump will the ideal choice. The charger should have the higher power so that the batteries are recharged faster. Battery life is also an important factor. Usually the batteries can run the back pumps for 7- 9 hours.

There are alarm systems that even signal when the battery is discharged. If one goes for a sophisticated system, it will even monitor the fluid level in the battery. Some backup pumps are fitted with double vertical float switches to rule out any failure.

sumppitIt is possible to install the primary and the backup pump in the same pit, if the existing pit is large enough. It is better to install a sump pump that has external floats so that they can be easily replaced. The battery backup sump pump should be installed with matching batteries for proper functioning.

Selecting the right pump:

There are many battery backup sump pump systems manufactured by different companies. One can easily get the information from a few renowned manufacturers’ websites. It is important to compare their features, capacity, quality, reliability as well as the price. It is better to go through the reviews about them by actual users before making a final decision about a particular model. There are some popular models that can also be considered such as those from Basement Watchdog or Craftsman.  One can buy the pump that best suits the needs and matches the budget.

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